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Trommel Screen

Trommel Screen

Trommel Screens is consist of five parts as drum, frame, hopper, reducer and motor. After the broken stone into the drum, on the one hand, materials being screened along with the rotation of drum, on the other hand, the bigger materials flow forward along the direction of slope and be separated by the screen with different number of meshes. The different materials fall into different hopper and then be sent to different finished product stacks by manpower or belt conveyor.

  • Trommel Screen
Trommel Screen


According to different sizing specification, the numbers of hierarchical level could be from one to four. materials whose size is larger than the screen mesh of the last part will be discharged from the outlet. During the process of operation, its movement is slowly and steady and installation is simple, sometime no need any special foundation and could be placed on smooth ground or floor. It is the most commonly used classification device for refractory material, coal, river sand and mixture of sand and stone.

  • Configured for economical & efficient classification, Screening and grading.
  • Heavy duty trommel drum with lifters at the front to facilitate material break up.
  • Screen replaceable for different mesh sizes.
  • Multiple screen size.
  • Easily changed screen plates.
  • Largest processing capacity in the industry.
  • Unique screen design, result in higher capacities, longer screen life and no material clogging.
  • Heavy duty feed hopper and extension.
  • Discharge chute.
  • Gear drive mechanism.
  • Variable speed drive mechanism.

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