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Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Metal detectors are one of the must haves for any food processing unit irrespective of their size. They play an important part in determining the quality of the merchandise in addition to many others.

The Metal Detector designed by Star Trace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Chennai ( Tamilnadu, India) for Food Processing Industry are highly efficient in detecting ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants ranging in different sizes and shapes. Taking into consideration.

  • Safety of produce
  • Protection of equipment
  • Regulatory acceptance

All Metal Detectors for Food Processing Industry are devised with highest possible sensitivity settings. Automatic signalling and alarming system are in place to perform when contaminants are detected in the processing line. Backed by 25 years of Industrial experience and expert engineers we have been in the lead; for sales of Metal Detectors.

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Industrial Metal Detector Metal Detector Metal Detectors Food Processing


Metal detector works on a three coil system which is wound around non-metallic frames placed parallel to each other. Two of the end coils are receivers and the middle one is a transmitter; connected to high frequency radio transmitter. The outermost coils are connected in opposition which cancel each other resulting in zero output.

When a food item to be detected is sent through the conveyor tunnel metal detector; signals are alerted if it contains metals and is automatically dropped from the process into a separate collection compartment. Work is not interrupted but effective removal has taken place.


Metal Detectors are put to use at a point where all ingredients are mixed or just before the finished commodity is staged for packing. Probability levels of contamination take the key role as to where the metal detector is to be positioned. A tunnel conveyor carrying the produce to be sensed of metal impurities passes through the metal detector. If a metal contaminant is present in the product conveyor tunnel the high frequency field is disturbed and the output is no longer zero.

This disturbance in balance triggers the alerting systems and red light & beep sound function. The next action to be performed is discarding the impure elements. When the tunnel conveyor moves out of the metal detector a separate opening at the end of the conveyor discharges it into a collection area different from the main stream. Thus separation has successfully happened.

  • Fully automated (semi-automatic also available).
  • Feed rate or conveyor speed does not hinder the effectiveness of metal detection in industrial use.
  • Highest sensitivity settings to detect smallest particles.
  • Effective discharge of impure substance directly from conveyor tunnel metal detector.
  • No mixing of metal detector separated items brought through conveyor tunnel.
  • Very less wastage of pure substance when eliminating metal contaminated matter.
  • Food grade material used as they come in direct contact when employed in food industry.
  • User friendly.
  • Long lasting.
  • Durable.
  • Dust and water proof.
Occasions that need metal detection
  • Industrial processing of food
  • Dairy
  • Spice
  • Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of
    1 Pickles, jams, sauce etc.
    2 Sausage, meat, poultry and sea food preserving industry

Our industrial metal detectors have fulfilled the goal of manufacturers suppliers and exporters by delivering finished products devoid of metal impurities there by increasing their sales. Installation of metal detectors have by large made the process line fully automated.

As the metal detectors manufactured by us are water proof all manufacturers, suppliers and exporters dealing with wet inputs resort to us making us leaders in sales as well. With constant updating of technology we are able to provide superior products that help us to escalate our sales not only in our home ground Chennai, Tamilnadu, India but have crossed boundaries and served globally.

X ray metal detector

Metal detection is an essential part of production for any industry. The quality of product is increased by removing contaminants of various composition, for this to happen x ray metal detectors are put to use. Star Trace supplies quality x ray metal detectors in various specifications that suite diverse applications. If you want to remove foreign materials like rocks, bones, plastics from product stream then chose the X ray metal detector.

The intensity of X ray passed is within the permitted levels and any contaminant that passes through the x ray metal detector is identified as a dark spot and rejected. X ray metal detector is rated higher in performance when compared to regular contaminant checking techniques.

Free metal detector

The entire process of manufacturing is not complete without subjecting the manufactured goods to free metal detector. Only on continuous and through indulgence with free flow metal detector can we meticulously rule out ferrous contaminants. Metal contaminants would have entered the process line through raw material or even from worn out machine parts. Free metal detector is designed to easily spot the metal contaminant and reject it by stopping the process line or by removing it from the flow. Use of free metal detector is sure to increase quality and thereof having a positive impact on profit.

Ferrous metal detector

Star Trace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Ferrous metal detector equipment for the past two and a half decades. Varying specifications of Ferrous metal detectors are available which can handle volumes big and small. Ferrous materials are the common contaminants in major production areas and need continued attention. Food industry is one of the major users of Ferrous metal detector as high levels of product quality is expected and missing even the smallest ferrous contaminant would cause huge loss. Ferrous metal detector with high sensitivity is capable of detecting minute ferrous particles which are not removed by other equipment.

Detector metal

Metal detector is one of the commonly used equipment to find ferrous metals. Metal detectors are used to find detector metal in public places, factory ware houses, run ways, manufacturing industries and food processing assemblies. In food processing industries the ferrous metal or detector metal contaminant is detected by metal detectors that are set up at a collection point or at packaging units before finally being dispatched. Detector metal, metal detectors have undergone change for the better and have incorporated latest techniques to work powerfully. Check out the metal detector series offered by Star Trace and choose the one that best suits your need.