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Spice Blender

Spice Blender

The machine is made of high quality stainless steel. It is widely used in the whole production line of fried food, such as potato chips, onion chips, etc. It can season any kind of food. And can mix the raw material and flavour evenly in the short time.

  • The fried food seasoning machine is easy to operate and can avoid the damage of food.
  • The oil spraying amount can be adjusted by automatic discharging.
  • It is designed to avoid the disadvantages of ball seasoning machine which can’t turn the raw materials efficiently.
  • Automatic lean to output the material.
  • It also has the advantages of stable operation, low noise and simple compact structure.
  • Industrial Spice Blender
  • Spice Blender
Industrial Spice Blenders Spice Blenders

Elena and Healthy:

This product is under stirred form, solved convert stirring the shovel pot waste oil drip and not easy to clean, etc.

Mixing Uniform Non Sticky Pot:

Under drive transmission scraping bottom type stir, heat conduction oil as medium, completely solve the problem of high viscosity material viscosity pot, stir uniform, no stir dead corner and make the material mixed more fully.

Ensure Food Fillings Quality:

Two way independent control of heating system, can be adjusted to the heating temperature, automatic temperature control.

Easy to Operate, Safe and Practical:

Halogen light, no explosion, no fire danger, easy to install and operate, hand shake wheel discharging, quick and practical.