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Slurry Pumps

Slurry Pumps

The versatile, fully lined Star Trace offers a wide range of seal and liner configurations allowing the pump to be tailored to the customer’s specific application.

Working principle

Submersible Dredge Pumps is provided power by the hydraulic system, the motor of the actuator, it is new type of submersible dredge pump by converting the hydraulic energy into mechanicalenergy . When Working through the pump impeller rotating stirring, transfer energy to the slurry medium, to produce a certain flow velocity, driven solids flow to achieve sand slurry transportation.

The hydraulic motor is selection of domestic high-speed hydraulic motors series gear motors or quantitative piston motors, with feature of advanced and reasonable structure, good performance, high efficiency and stable working. According to the customer situation,we choose different displacement.
  • Slurry Pump
Slurry Pump

Slurry Pump

Design features

Bearing assembly – A large diameter shaft with short overhang minimizes deflection and contributes to long bearing life. Only four through bolts are required to hold the cartridge type housing in the frame.

Liners – Easily replaceable liners are bolted, not glued, to the casing for positive attachment and ease of maintenance. Hard metal liners are completely interchangeable with pressure molded elastomers. Elastomer seal rings back all liner joints.

Casing – Casing halves of cast or ductile iron with external reinforcing ribs provide high operating pressure capabilities and an extra measure of safety.

Impeller – Front and rear shrouds have pump out vanes that reduce recirculation and seal contamination. Hard metal and molded elastomer impellers are completely interchangeable. Cast in impeller threads require no inserts or nuts. High efficiency and high head designs are also available.

Throatbush – Wear is reduced and maintenance simplified by the use of tapered mating faces to allow positive accurate alignment during assembly and simple removal.

One-piece frame – A very robust one-piece frame cradles the cartridge type bearing and shaft assembly. An external impeller adjustment mechanism is provided below the bearing housing for easy adjustment of impeller clearance.


  • Hydraulic movement of small inertia, fast response, can achieve a wide range of variable speed;
  • Automatic overload protection, motor burn phenomenon does not exist;
  • Extracting mortar, mud and sand, slag and other solid concentration is high, up to over 70%;
  • Connected to the excavator and other machine with a hydraulic system, enabling free transition, especially in the construction in remote areas, electricity shortage, the advantage is more obvious;
  • Can be used as an accessories to the excavator, when in the condition of unfavorable digging, the hydraulic dredge pump can be pumping and long-distance transportation, improving excavator their own value.
Slurry Pump

Star Trace pumps provide complete interchangeability of seal arrangements. Full flush, low flow, centrifugal, or mechanical seals may be fitted to any sized pump.

Shaft Sleeve An easily removable shaft sleeve manufactured in either hardened or ceramic coated stainless with o-ring seals at both ends protects the shaft from abrasive or corrosive contaminants.

Hi-Seal External gland sealing water is avoided in most applications by utilizing the “Hi-Seal” expeller design. Where flushing water is unavoidable, restricted flow glands keep this to a minimum.

Mechanical seal Available for most applications, single or double mechanical seals can be offered as an alternative to a conventional seal.


  • Harbors, rivers, lakes and other dredging, removing sediment and etc.;
  • Extraction silt, gravel, etc., harbor reclamation project;
  • Iron ore, tailings, slag processing plant and other mining, pulp and discharge all of the solution containing the solid ;
  • In metallurgy, steel and other industries to pumping high concentrations of tailings, waste and high-temperature iron slag, iron and etc.;
  • Pumping sand, gold and so on.
Slurry Pump