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Metal detector for food processing industry

Star Trace is an experienced manufacturer of food metal detectors exclusively for the food processing industry. Food metal detectors designed by us are of high sensitivity and are capable of metal detection in food that is very small in size. The design of metal detector for food industry is customized as metal detector for food packaging and metal detectors for food processing. With more than 25 years of experience in serving the food processing industry our food metal detectors trap every single metal contamination and exclude them from the assembly line.

The wide series of food metal detectors manufactured by us take into consideration

  • Safety of produce
  • Protection of equipment
  • Regulatory acceptance

Clients across the globe have installed our food metal detectors and have expressed satisfaction of metal detection in food by our equipment.

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  • Metal Detectors Food Processing
Industrial Metal Detector Metal Detector Metal Detectors Food Processing

Fundamental working of Food Metal Detectors

Metal detector works on a three coil system which is wound around non-metallic frames placed parallel to each other. Two of the end coils are receivers and the middle one is a transmitter; connected to high frequency radio transmitter. The outermost coils are connected in opposition which cancels each other resulting in zero output. When a food item to be detected is sent through the conveyor tunnel metal detector; signals are alerted if it contains metals and is automatically dropped from the process into a separate collection compartment. Work is not interrupted but effective removal has taken place with the help of metal detector for food industry.

With great revolution taking place in the food processing industry it is mandatory to install a metal detection food equipment else the quality of the product is at stake. Metal detection in food that is consumed directly needs at most care to keep up with expected standards. There are different models of food metal detectors for food packaging and processing.

Metal detector for food packaging is designed differently from metal detectors for food processing as we know that both are entirely different work flows. With the Metal detector for food packaging the single pack or box containing the metal contaminant is excluded and there is no loss of produce. On the other hand with the metal detectors for food processing, detection and discarding of the food item takes place. It is important to trap the contaminant’s exact portion to successively remove them without much loss in produce. All this and much more is delivered by metal detector for food industry from Star Trace.

Salient features of metal detector food processing
  • Highest sensitivity settings to detect smallest particles.
  • Effective discharge of impure substance directly from conveyor tunnel metal detector
  • Fully automated (semi-automatic also available)
  • No mixing of metal detector separated items brought through conveyor tunnel.
  • Very less wastage of pure substance when eliminating metal contaminated matter.
  • User friendly food metal detectors
  • Long lasting
  • Durable
  • Dust and water proof

Metal detector for food processing industry has been constantly upgraded with latest techniques so as to meet the growing demands and customer requirements. Metal detector for food industry is available in basic model as well as in fully automatic machines capable of working with very less down time. Explore our wide range of food metal detectors and choose the one that best suits your need.