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Magnetic Equipment

Digital Gauss Meter

Star Trace, a quality driven company has been manufacturing and supplying top-class Magnetic Equipments like Digital Gauss Meter, which give outstanding performance. Our range of Magnetic Equipments including the Digital Gauss Meter is manufactured from the highest quality raw materials to ensure better quality of products and customers satisfaction.

Digital Gauss Meter Model S – 20 B is a low cost Digital Gauss Meter Hand Held type Magnetic Equipments for measuring D. C. magnetic fields using Hall Probes. Digital Gauss Meter has two ranges 20 K Gauss. It has developed and manufactured in calibration facility ensures quick check of calibration.

Digital Gauss Meter


Features of Tunnel Type:

  • Super efficiency in demagnetizing and magnetizing suitable for any kinds of metals.
  • Merely using tools to pass through or move into a tunnel will cause a good effect.
  • Suitable for planned automatic process be adapted for delivery belts to proceed in order to increase productivity.
  • Suitable for large production of component spare parts, attachments, tools, etc.
  • Suitable for hand manual tools, etc. for filling magnetism.
  • Attached a fan inside for dissipating heat.
  • Special specifications will be made subject to customer’s requirements.


Impulse Magnetisers:

Impulse Magnetisers with magnetisation fixtures made to customer's specifications to magnetise, demagnetise and calibrate magnet systems,for example in electro motors, loudspeakers, sensors etc.


It offers proven quality in compact design.

Operation of magnetisation equipment in a 24 hour / seven day a week industrial environment requires only the best design and components.

Our goal is to be invisible! No problems or concerns with this machine.We use a 2000 Volt magnetisation technique.

The combination of 2000 V with medium capacitors allows for moderate magnetization impulses. This gives more magnetization field in the magnets with lower losses in the steel.

Its maximum energy of 10000 Ws meets a wide range of magnetization tasks.



  • 2000 Volt max. Voltage
  • 10000 Ws Energy
  • 25,000 A max. current
  • Siemens PLC
  • Digital operator panel
  • Digital voltage setting
  • 1 V accuracy
  • Analog voltage monitor
  • Fixture temperature monitor
  • Built-in current monitor
  • Compact design
  • Single shift 1 year warranty

Metal Detector

Metal detectors are one of the must have Magnetic Equipments for any food processing unit irrespective of their size. They play an important part in determining the quality of the merchandise in addition to many others.

The Magnetic Equipments - Metal Detector designed by Star Trace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Chennai ( Tamilnadu, India) for Food Processing Industry are highly efficient in detecting ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants ranging in different sizes and shapes. Taking into consideration.

  • Safety of produce
  • Protection of equipment
  • Regulatory acceptance

All Metal Detector Magnetic Equipment for Food Processing Industry are devised with highest possible sensitivity settings. Automatic signalling and alarming system are in place to perform when contaminants are detected in the processing line. Backed by 25 years of Industrial experience and expert engineers we have been in the lead; for sales of Metal Detectors.

Industrial Metal Detector