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Magnetic Belt Conveyor

Magnetic Belt Conveyor

Star Trace manufacturers Magnetic Belt Conveyor which are used to convey small iron parts to collection pits. The Magnetic Belt Conveyor ensures safe movement of tiny parts which would have otherwise has chances of being missed owing to their size. Seasoned manufacturer with over 25 yrs of experience in manufacturing magnetic equipment, the Magnetic Belt Conveyor which is yet another addition. The Magnetic Belt Conveyor needs minor changes in an existing set up to be incorporated in the process flow.

A series of magnets are arranged beneath the conveyor that carries ferrous particles to the destined location. The Magnetic Belt Conveyor is used by clients globally as we adhere to standards. Thought preset dimensions are available, off beat specifications are also delivered on sales request. Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters can expect on time delivery of the orders placed.

  • Magnetic Belt Conveyor

Construction of Magnetic Belt Conveyor:

Putting the magnetic property to use the Magnetic Belt Conveyor has a conveyor which is capable of forward movement with the help of motor. Fixed below the conveyor are a series of magnets that keep the conveyed iron substance in place by exerting its magnetic field. The Magnetic Belt Conveyor is also capable of carrying substances in an inclined plain and subsequently disposing them at the collection point.

Features of Magnetic Belt Conveyor:
  • Reliable performance at all times
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Designed using latest technology
  • Certified raw materials are used
  • Vibrating and continuous mode
  • Less noise
Applications of Magnetic Belt Conveyor:

The Magnetic Belt Conveyor is used in CNC centers, press shops, heat treatment furnaces and in industries where small parts are to be conveyed. Conveys all of the following material

  • Free flowing granules
  • Chips
  • Scrapings

Owing to the extensive use of Magnetic Belt Conveyor many different varieties have been introduced to handle specific material. As we are open to change we welcome sales that include customization. Head quartered in Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) we serve clients across different continents.