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Grate magnet

The use of Grate magnet has become indispensible when dealing with free flowing dry feeds, for they effectively trap ferrous impurities at the very beginning. Grate magnets are fixed in hoppers and can be easily maintained without loss of production time.

Construction of Grate magnet

Grate magnets consists of stainless steel rods which are filled with strong rare earth magnets. The arrangement of magnets in the rods is such that there are no dead spots which ensure magnetic activity through the length and breadth of the grate magnet. Much to the expectation of users Grate magnet comes in sizes that fit hoppers exactly, however customized shapes and sizes are also catered on demand

  • Magnetic Grill
  • Magnetic Grill
  • Magnetic-Filter-Grill
  • Magnetic Grill
  • Magnetic Trap Grill
Magnetic Grill Grill Trap Magnets Magnetic Filter Grill Magnetic Grill Magnetic Trap Grill

Working of Grate magnet

Installation of Grate magnet is very simple and does not require technical skill. The basic model of Grate magnet is such that it can be just placed at the entry point of feeds which is hopper. Other models like easy clean and fully automatic are also available which are similar in function but cuts down on cleaning time to speed up the processing line.

Cleaning of the Grate magnet is done manually, lift the Grate magnet from its place carefully and wipe away the ferrous impurities using a thick cotton cloth. It is safe to wear protective gloves while carrying out the cleaning process.

Features of Grate magnet
  • High grade SS construction
  • High intensity magnets
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in wide range of sizes
  • Customized orders are also taken
  • No drop in magnetic intensity with prolonged usage

Applications of Grate magnet

  • Chemical industry
  • Food processing
  • Cereals and pulses
  • Sugar
  • Tea
  • Plastic
  • Sand etc.

With the awareness on quality catching up it becomes a bear necessity for all manufacturers to keep up to it. The Grate magnet is one that efficiently traps and holds impurities at the beginning stage for all free flowing feeds. Star Trace delivers Grate magnets that stand for quality and durability.