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Excavator Magnet

Excavator Magnet

Star Trace a notable manufacturer well known for introducing innovative equipment catering to the requirements of clients has yet another addition which is the "Excavator Magnet". The Excavator Magnet is used in open yards to handle large irregular steel slabs, sheets and scraps that are dumped in places where they cannot be moved using the overhead cranes. The Excavator Magnet makes use of a powerful electro magnet that handles considerable volume of metal objects to evacuate a place.

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Construction and working of Excavator Magnet:

The Excavator Magnet is a complex construction presented in the most easily operatable manner so as to carry out work at a fast pace. The crane operator is given maximum reach with the magnet where in he will be able to reach out to places narrow and crooked to recover steel objects. The flexibility of tilting the magnet on all sides and reaching out with the arm of the crane proves worth while of its ability as clearing takes place in bulk. Owing to it size the Excavator Magnet is also capable of crushing the picked up material by applying pressure.

Excavator Magnet- Applications:

Clearing of yards, dumped with scrap can be done consuming less time when compared to other clearing methods. Loading heavy materials into trucks from open space is a common activity done by the Excavator Magnet. As the fixture of magnet allows maneuvering lifting of small sized steel objects was never an issue and was carries out with least effort.

Designed by an experienced manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) the Excavator Magnet has been used by clients globally. Sales of Excavator Magnet have reached many industries who are delighted with its trouble free operation. Indulge in a sale with us and experience excellence at work.