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Electro Magnetic Lifter

Electro Magnetic Lifter

The Electromagnetic Lifter is yet another lifting equipment utilizing the magnetic property towards shifting of heavy objects. The word heavy does not mean the usual weight that can be lifted by a person but denote industrial products. By applying the science of magnetism steel items can be shifted either to the next processing unit or loaded for transport.Since the word electro is used it does not mean there will be electric wires running around the magnet.there is just a spark of electricity for initiation and the function start.

Working principle:

In an Electromagnetic Lifter, activation of magnetic force and deactivation of magnet happens by supplying electric current for a few seconds only.To make this happen the polarity of one Permanent Magnet is reversed and continuous force is applied to the second pair of Permanent Magnet. The two sets of magnet are arranged in such a way that they can unite their respective magnetic force to lift the object and can short circuit to release. The reversible magnet is reversed of its polar orientation by being fed with a very short current impulse which facilitates in the working. As mentioned the electricity is very short lived & so it does not result in heating up at the same time electricity usage is negligible.

  • Electromagnetic Lifter
Electromagnetic Lifters

Electromagnetic lifter Advantages

The advantages of Electromagnetic Lifter is many a few of them are:

  • Ability to lift different sizes and shapes of steel.,
  • Meets all standard norms of electro magnetic lifter.
  • Carbon dioxide emission is much low when compared to olden day electro magnet.
  • Wireless operation is designed.
  • Lifting not affected by power cut.
  • Remote operation is made simple with less buttons.
Electromagnetic lifter Application:
  • Loading and unloading for transportation.
  • Shifting of machine tools.
  • Easy handling of vertically and horizontally wound eye coil.
  • Moving from one processing station to another.

Electromagnetic lifter can easily handle rails ranging in length above 400 ft with out break which is significant of electromagnetic lifting. The conventional methods had to stop in between to cool the magnet where in notable time was lost and productivity drop was noticed. But with electro magnetic lifter work goes non stop & output never declines.

Safe rides are assured with Electromagnetic Lifter at any point of time.