Startrace (p) Ltd Manufacturer Magnetic, Vibrating Equipments and Metal Detectors.

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Manufacture of Magnetic Equipments, Vibrating Equipments and Metal Detectors.

Startrace Magnetics, Indian authority in advanced technology with 25 years experienced Global support of 75 Years for Magnetic, Matel Detecting & Vibratory applications, Designs, develops, manufactures and markets magnetic separation, metal detection and materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment for process and metalworking industries.

Star Trace Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturer and supplier of magnetic and vibratory equipments used in various industrial applications. It exports a wide galore of magnetic equipments such as Magnetic Chip Conveyor, Rare Earth Magnet, Suspension Electro Magnet, Drawer Magnet, Liquid Line Magnets, Metal Detector, Induced Roll Separator, Suspension Fork Lift Magnet, Magnetic Pulleys, Alnico Magnet, Barrel Magnet, and so on.

magnetic equipments

Eddy Current Separator
Alnico Magnets
Ferrite Magnets
Rare Earth Magnets
Flexible Magnets
Hand Magnets
Lifting Magnets
Magnetic Chucks
Magnetic Sweepers
Hump Magnet
Coolant Separator
Suspension Magnet
Plate Magnet
Chip Conveyor
Magnetic Chute
Over Band Magnetic Separators
Magnetic Pulley
Magnetic Chuck
Magnetic Coil
Magnetic Pump
Bullet Magnet
Drum Separator
Magnetic Grill
Barrel Grates Separators
Funnel Magnet
Gauss Meter
Magnetic Stirrers
Roll Separator
Magnetic Rack
Paper Band
Table Top Gauss Meter
Digital Flux Meter
Liquid Line Separator
Magnetic Rod
PM Lifter
LCPM Lifter
Stream Magnets
Magnetic Holder
Magnetic Sheet Fanners

vibrating equipments

Vibratory Motor
Vibratory Feeder
Vibro Screen
Bin Vibrator
Piston Impactor
Screen Separator
Electro Mechanical Feeder
Bowl Feeder
Grizzly Feeder
Ball Vibrator
Cir Mot. Screen
Tubular Feeder
Vibration Meter
Vibro Energy Finishing Machine
Dewatering Screen
Test Sieve Shaker
Vibrating Table
Dewatering Feeder
Electro Magnetic Vibrator
Vibrating Tumbler
Vibrating Shifter
Linear Motion Screen
Vibrating Furnace Charging Device
Extra Heavy Duty Vibrating Feeders

other equipments

Ribbon Blender
Oil Skimmer
Coolant Filter
Cashew Processing Machine
Pilot Impact Pulveriser
Water Conditioner
Rotary Retort Furnace System
Twin Drum Mixing Systems
Screw Washer
DC Motor
Spiral Separator
Floatation Machine
Shaking Table
Electro Permanent Magnetic Chucks

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